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But, they are probably also underage, live miles away from you (and any other metropolitan area), most likely in their mother's basement.

In 10 years, they could turn out to be, like, totally normal people.

For me (in NYC), they tend to be located in either Long Island or Jersey, but they seem to be under the impression that the distance won't matter once you meet their sweet abs.

And you will, indeed, get a look at their sweet abs because more often than not, their profile pics are shots of them shirtless at the gym, one hand pointing at their tan abs, the other holding the ostentatious gold chain around their necks.

Seeing multiple pictures of muscles glistening against your i Phone flash, all greased up, and flexing offends me -- not to mention scars my eyes -- far more than having the word 'shit' squeezed between two other words in your profile.

I'd appreciate if you took the time to complete a full sentence -- which I realize, yes, might require a full thought -- before contacting me. The question above the text box is not asking you to fill in if you watch TV, it's asking you to fill in which shows you do watch. ' is a sad but much needed question that anyone who has completed grade school should be able to answer correctly.

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Only time will tell, but for now, my advice regarding these guys is “Sweetie, you are just too young for ladies who were born in the '80s.

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