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She has written and directed four comedy short films: , about growing up as a Canadian of Muslim faith. Zuckerman graduated from Mc Gill University’s film program and joined the National Film Board to co-produce and direct her first documentary film, (Showcase, CBC, W Network) which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and then screened at film festivals around the world including Palm Springs, San Paulo and Vancouver. ABOUT FENTSTER / SHEMA & IQRA'Presenting site-specific installations of contemporary art connected to the Jewish experience, FENTSTER (Yiddish for "window") is an independent artist-run exhibition space located in the storefront window of the grassroots community Makom: Creative Downtown Judaism.

Nawaz is also a frequent public speaker on Islam and comedy, gender and faith, multiculturalism and plurality. is on view 24/7 from February 23 to May 24 at 402 College Street.

Not all is work talk on the episode however, as Chopra divulges some of their more personal “extra-curricular” escapades, prompting the actress to hope that her mother doesn’t watch this episode!

The actress is busy shooting for the third season of “Quantico,” and was in Mumbai for a brief while.

You may find your loyalties no longer lie with your parents or friends.

In other words, once you're married, what once seemed small can become enormous; what used to come first now lands in last place.

Join these visionary women in conversation about the impact of their films and their ongoing relevance in the current political climate. It finished airing it’s 91th episode in 2012 after completing 6 seasons and is now being broadcast to over 60 countries. She has four children and a husband stashed away in Regina.

The show demystified Islam for millions of people around the world by explaining how practicing Muslims live their lives from dating to marriage to burying their dead. Francine Zuckerman has won numerous awards as writer, producer and director, and her work has been recognized at film festivals around the world.

Global Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra will be gracing the show Jan. From discussing her journey from Mumbai to becoming an international icon to revealing a glimpse of her personal life, Chopra will reportedly bare all.

Chopra has been a part of every season of the show so far.

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You no longer feel taken care of, or like you are his special girlfriend.

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