Wpf combobox itemssource not updating

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Wpf combobox itemssource not updating

Input; namespace Managing_program.model using System; using System.

ackground: Let's say we have a list in our model - a list of supplier. The user needs to select a supplier to complete a business case. We have given the 'default' list in XAML so it's kind of hard-coded which is not a good thing, it should ideally come from persistence store like database or an XML file.

But for the life of me, it would not update the SLPerson Id property on the "Data" object it was bound too.The Combo box is not bound to a list and we are using click event of the button not a Command.The above approach can be used in certain exceptional cases.In its default state, the list is collapsed, displaying only one choice.The user clicks a button to see the complete list of options.

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