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For widows and widowers, the idea of dating again is especially cumbersome.Entering into a new relationship, discovering how to do that, feeling comfortable with someone again, when to start dating and identifying where your identity as a widowed person all comes into play.It says that you want to recreate what you had with them, and this is how you honor their memory.It may help therapeutically to share those thoughts with them by writing in the Private Conversations part of After Talk.Maybe they're new to the dating scene and are nervous; maybe they've just come off the back of a long-term relationship; maybe they're grieving for a loved one and are struggling to come to terms with their loss.For someone who has been recently widowed, there's a good chance that all three of the above scenarios are true.

Few of us want to be alone in our later years, yet anyone who is married or in a long-term committed relationship knows that the chance of facing widowhood is high—especially for women who live slightly longer. Several studies indicate that widowers begin to date by around the sixth month.

Studies also reveal that the degree of happiness in the relationship can affect how soon a person feels comfortable dating or falling in love again.

But time plays only one part in the decision of when to date.

You're not asking them to forget their memories, you're simply asking whether they are ready to start a new relationship and take the next step in their life.

If the person you're considering dating decides she or he isn't sure or ready, they need more space and time to recover from their loss.""When I was ready to start dating again after being widowed, I made it clear that I didn't want to speak about my late husband.

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