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Third, I would say [inaudible] I think having the same ultimate goal in mind.

Today, she maintains her own fan pages on Myspace and Facebook.

Season 3, Episode 4October 14, 2002Joan is irritated---and charmed---by an obnoxious movie star (Adrian Lester) at the gym; William becomes a sperm donor for his lesbian sister.

Season 3, Episode 5October 21, 2002Lynn's parents (Alley Mills, Cliff De Young) pressure her to pay off her student loans, meaning she has to get a---gulp---job; Maya struggles to keep her marital separation a secret from her mother (Charmin Lee).

Our cocoa Vixen lady’s latest efforts have been onscreen in with Allen Payne.

We chatted with the LA-resident about her recent roles, what we definitely didn’t know about her and her beauty must-haves! I’ve played a serial killer, I’ve played a transsexual, I’ve played a lesbian, I’ve played a non-fit mother.

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Age: 42 (1/4/1975)Occupation: Entertainment - Actress Most Famous For: Toni Childs of Girlfriends, television comedy "[I don't have any] grand illusions about marriage.