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"Give thanks for the opportunity and belief in me," Marley tweeted Tuesday.

The Weston, Fla., native attended Cypress Bay High School.

She works with many different organizations to help children, and mainly spends her time raising funds for charity.

She is currently working on opening one of the day care training centers in Jamaica.

Born Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley was born on February 6th, 1945 and became a Jamaican reggae singer/songwriter and guitarist.

He started in a group called the Wailers and created a very distinctive sound.

Recreational dating (and the heart issues related to it) is the practical root of untold problems that plague most people including Christians.

Broadly speaking, dating multiple individuals with no purpose other than dating creates lasting emotional baggage; debilitating heartache many times over; moral compromise; unwanted sexual disease; pregnancy; abortion even among Christians; and hindered fellowship with God.

Marley then quickly walks away, visibly hurt by Kitty's insults.Kitty sees them talking, then goes up to her and starts to make fun of Marley.Ryder does not look happy and then asks Kitty what Marley has done to her to be such a bitch towards her.How manly is it to simply want to develop a relationship with a woman to have a little fun?How manly is it to awaken love or stir up feelings in a woman’s heart and then casually walk away?

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Bob Marley started his solo career after the band disbanded in 1974.