Who is alexis phifer dating who is jon foster dating

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Who is alexis phifer dating

As a new year begins, we take a look back at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship, from its beginning to now, including their courtship, the highlights of their union, the low-lights and everything in between.In 2004, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian met for the first time and quickly became friends.Power couples are nothing new in hip-hop, and have been a staple in the culture dating back to the 1980s. Melodie, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee, The Notorious B. But Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may very well be the most talked-about couple in pop culture in quite some time, let alone hip-hop. and Faith Evans and Jay Z and Beyonce being just a few of the high-profile couples that have served as the embodiment of love and hip-hop, a figure in rap becoming romantically involved with another superstar or celebrity has become par for the course.(The proposal was lavish by most definitions: He popped the question over a lobster dinner while vacationing in Capri.) In a 2007 profile, they spoke about their “Fashionable Lives” with Kanye crediting Alexis for being his “original stylist.” Kanye was reportedly also motivated to wed to honor one of his mother’s dying wishes.He told in 2007 that he was just going to “go and get married.” “I’m not going to make a big deal out of it,” he said.Since then, the two global superstars have gotten married, had two children, warred with fellow artists and celebrities and built a legacy as entertainment’s ultimate “it” couple.They’ve done it all together with an us-against-the-world attitude that lets you know the love is real.

Alexis Phifer, Kanye West's fiancée of 18 months, has confirmed that the couple's engagement is off.

I’m a mom so I would much rather be able to be out with my son and have nobody recognize me.

I really think that’s a cool thing as opposed to doing red carpets or something like that, but only if it’s really pertaining to my line because that’s what I’m trying to sell…

Both stars are no stranger to dating in the spotlight, with the tabloid clippings and headlines from Kanye West’s extended fling with Amber Rose having helped transform the former arm candy into a brand of her own, while Kim Kardashian’s well-documented list of mates run the gamut from music producer to athlete.

But the amount of press and attention the two had previously been subjected to before they were a couple would prove to be a cakewalk following Kanye and Kim’s announcement that they had decided to become an official couple in 2012.

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The long-rumored news was reported earlier on Monday by Us