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The Apliances, cameras, and more via an easy-to-use interface along with standard features such as arming/disarming, checking status, area arming and output control.Not to mention, branding capabilities for dealers to insert their logo, contact details and social media icons.Simple and quick, give users the ability to use the app with little or no issues for you to deal with.The Virtual Keypad App is compatible with new and existing DMP XTL, XT and XR Series panels with cellular and internet connections.Immerse your presenters in a 360° virtual environment with holographic virtual sets.Capture a panoramic image of any real-world location with a smartphone or camera, or model a scene using any 3D application, then import into Virtual Set Editor to generate incredibly lifelike sets that blur the lines between virtual and reality.A cable connection (USB, audio, charging) is possible through the holes on the left- and the right side of the glasses, which provides you an even more immersive virtual reality experience.

With Virtual Set Editor, you have the tools at your fingertips to turn any space into an authentic studio atmosphere.5.7” OLED screen See hyper-real 3D environments come to life with a custom OLED screen.360 degree vision Whichever way you turn the 360 degree immersion of PS VR makes you part of a living, breathing world with a seamless field of view.Virtual Reality (VR) is an experience in which you eyes only see (3D) images coming from a computer and can interact with it in some way.Since you do not see the 'real' world anymore, the images can make you feel immersed in a different world.

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donadony writes "Oracle announced the release of Virtual Box 4.3; this is a major release that comes with important new features, devices support and improvements.

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