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Vb net radiobutton validating

Hi, I am a complete beginner and need help with a form.

There are 2 group boxes, each containing 3 radio buttons on my form.

This method could then set a set a property indicating that the user checked one of the radios.

Also I have set up some Bound Field columns and set the Data Fields as Row Number, Col1 and Col2.

I'd like to write a subroutine in a module that checks to be sure that the user has selected 1 radio button from each groupbox.

How can I do this using Visual Studio 2005 (vb code only)?

These columns are just dummy columns and i used it for the simplicity of this example. These columns are created by hand at the code behind file of the ASPX.

Here's the code below: Okay we have now a Grid View data with a radio button on each row. In this example I'm going to use a Java Script for validating the radio button to select one radio button at a time.

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This because the radio button inside the gridview bahaves differentely.

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