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This vulnerability leads to various attacks, for example, stealing confidential information (such as session cookies) or taking control of the victim's browser.

An XSS attack breaks the following pattern: Input - Output == cross-site scripting.

Data from an external entity or client should never be trusted, since it can be arbitrarily tampered with by an attacker.

"All Input is Evil", says Michael Howard in his famous book "Writing Secure Code". Unfortunately, complex applications often have a large number of entry points, which makes it difficult for a developer to enforce this rule. This is the task of testing all the possible forms of input to understand if the application sufficiently validates input data before using it.

For example, a model that predicts sales for a particular store based on past sales can be strongly correlated and very accurate, even if that store consistently used the wrong accounting method.

This article is part of the new OWASP Testing Guide v4.

This test lists disks that can support clustering and are visible to all tested servers.It is important that you validate your mining models by understanding their quality and characteristics before you deploy them into a production environment.This section introduces some basic concepts related to model quality, and describes the strategies for model validation that are provided in Microsoft Analysis Services.In reality, values might be missing or approximate, or the data might have been changed by multiple processes.Particularly in the phase of exploration and development, you might decide to accept a certain amount of error in the data, especially if the data is fairly uniform in its characteristics.

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Predictive Validation – is a procedure which tests individuals when they are hired, and then statistically compares the test results, after a certain time, to on-the-job performance.

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