Validating someones suffering

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Validating someones suffering

Some individuals very knowingly invalidate others as a form of manipulation, control, and psychological injury.

Learning to validate our feelings and those of others builds emotional bridges.I felt a huge void, as if I was a failure in more than one aspect of my life.During my depression, I felt like my family members and friends did not understand me and lacked the time, patience, or skills to listen effectively. The universe has a weird way of working things out in life; things appear or show up for a reason. Though this person was a complete stranger to me, I felt connected from the very first day. ” It was this powerful listening that provided immeasurable healing.With the time off, I started feeling and sensing how much past pain and resentments I had stored inside my heart.It was like the quieter I got, the more I heard how much of what was inside me.

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Emotional invalidation is when a person’s thoughts and feelings are rejected, ignored, or judged.

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