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Validating country documents

Documents are accepted in the official EU languages, however you may be requested to submit an unofficial translation into English.

If you choose to leave and re-enter Canada at a land border, especially during the peak periods of weekends and holidays, you may have a long wait time for service.

I saw the FT export/import views, and the Co O field exists, but is that what these fields are intended for?

Note: You must leave Canada, enter another country and re-enter Canada to become a permanent resident at an international airport or Canadian land border.

The solution, then, is to have John submit his document to a controlled, sequential process of verification: legalization.

The first step, in this example, is to have the certificate notarized by licensed Brazilian notary.

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If you need a visa to enter another country before you re-enter Canada, it is up to you to get the visa.