Updating folders thunderbird

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Updating folders thunderbird

Over the past year, the Council has thoroughly discussed the needs of a future Thunderbird team, and focused on investigating the non-Mozilla organizations as a potential future home.Many meetings and conversations were held with organizations such as TDF and SFC to determine their suitability as potential homes, or models to build on.In late 2015 Mitchell Baker started a discussion on the future of Thunderbird, and later blogged about the outcome of that, including this quote: I’ve seen some characterize this as Mozilla “dropping” Thunderbird. We are going to disentangle the technical infrastructure. This includes working with organizations that want to invest in Thunderbird, several of which have stepped forward already.Mozilla Foundation will serve as a fiscal sponsor for Thunderbird donations during this time.I use Thunderbird 24.4 on Fedora 19 with GNOME 3.8.4 and it works [email protected] Vegter - that bug is for an older version (22, and was apparently fixed), what makes you think this is the same issue other than they sound similar in description?An independent “Thunderbird Foundation” alternative was not recommended as a first step but the report said it “may become appropriate in the future for Thunderbird to separate from its new host and become a full independent entity”.

And yes, the issue is, that I don't like this grey background. I do not believe this is an actual Thunderbird issue but an issue with Thunderbird and your windowing/desktop environment.Thunderbird does a regular compression — which you can see at Tools Compact Folders, and wait.Of course, if you’re using the very latest version of Thunderbird, you select the three bars icon on the far right (believe it or not, that’s called the “hamburger menu”), select the Advanced icon, then select the “Network & Disk Space” tab, then hit the “Clear Now button to both clear your cache and compact all of your folders.To investigate potential new homes for Thunderbird, Mozilla commissioned a report from Simon Phipps, former president of the OSI.The Phipps report saw three viable choices for the Thunderbird Project’s future home: the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC), The Document Foundation (TDF) and a new deal at the Mozilla Foundation.

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If you want to get the Thunderbird profile without following a big process then, make search for the file including name of all hidden folders/files.

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