Updating customer information letter

Posted by / 07-Jul-2016 13:21

We have scheduled the new banking IT system to go-live on 27 October 2014 Transitional suspension times Whilst our preference is to achieve the transition without causing any disruption to your usual banking arrangements, we are writing to inform you that, during the conversion period from 12.00 noon Friday 24 October 2014 to 8.30am Monday 27 October 2014, all of our banking servicesincluding any over-the-counter services and internet banking will besuspended for approximately 69 hours from 12.00 noon Friday on 24 October for the purpose of implementing the IT system upgrade.

Memorandum TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Update on information request Several employees still have not returned the personnel information update form.full name, address, contact information) supporting their water licence is up-to-date and accurate.Water licence holders that have not updated their customer data recently should complete a customer data verification form.During our visit last spring you expressed an interest in further progress at Doe Woods.We are now in Phase IV of the development, which includes a comprehensive recreation center.

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Even with telephones and the Internet, it is still sometimes necessary to send an old-fashioned letter for business purposes.