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From 2015: “Something you put on your dating profile if you want to be pretentious.” From 2016: “For many, defining oneself as sapiosexual is also a statement against the current status quo of hookup culture and superficiality, where looks are prized above all else.”Whether sapiosexuality is indeed a true orientation, a preference or just a new way to brag remains to be seen.

Some critics say sapiosexuality is ableist and possibly discriminatory, since intelligence comes in many forms.“The saying ‘smart is sexy’ is problematic because you're insinuating (probably subconsciously) that those who aren't ‘traditionally’ smart are less attractive,” wrote one commenter on a Facebook thread.

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When recently did a piece on How to Date an Indian (Advice for the Non-Indian), we decided to put our own list together.

Browse through thousands of tall women and tall men profiles to find the right one just for you and message them today.All you have to do is pay the small .00 shipping and handling charge.We will send this video to you, along with other valuable information that could change your love-life forever.Because it’s 2017, there is, of course, an app for this.Sapio, designed for those “sick of superficial hookup apps,” officially launched this year and claims to have signed up 50,000 new users in the last month, mostly in North America.“Sapiosexual” was defined as early as 2004 on Urban Dictionary as “one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.” The definition has been updated several times in the last few years to take on a more cynical tone appropriate for the digital age.

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