Stored procedure insert not updating database

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An Overview of Inserting, Updating, and Deleting examined using the Object Data Source to facilitate inserting, updating, and deleting with the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls.

Alternatively, the Sql Data Source can be used in place of the Object Data Source.

The Northwind database doesn’t have the necessary stored procedures to insert, update, and delete customer records, so you must add them.

The Dynamics GP Service framework uses e Connect SQL stored procedures to insert or update a document in the Dynamics GP database.

You can’t call a stored procedure in a SQL Server database directly from Light Switch, but you can create a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Rich Internet Application (RIA) service to expose stored procedures and then access the service from your Light Switch app.

This walkthrough shows how to insert, update, and delete customer records in a Light Switch app by using stored procedures and a WCF RIA service.

For more information on SQL Server stored procedures and backups: Read valuable expert advice about what causes IP address conflicts, and learn how to detect duplicate IP addresses in this tip.continue reading If you're looking for insert syntax to insert multiple rows in Oracle, read these tips from three of our community members.continue reading Find the definition for different types of Oracle joins, and read a discussion on LEFT JOIN vs.

In addition, e Connect SQL stored procedures validate data and implement the business logic associated with the document.Anyway, even if it's multiple rows and you pass via TVP or similar, then you can still do As a very generic answer, if you want to test code of this nature without actually changing the data then it is possible to run your code, query the results, and then undo any changes before they are committed. -- Show the new data select * from [dbo].[employee] -- Rollback the transaction, leaving the data in its original state.-- Begin a new transaction begin transaction -- Show initial data select * from [dbo].[employee] -- Your statement to change the data MERGE [dbo].[employee] AS [Target] .... If you do a little extra work, you can indeed use these databases from Light Switch.In most cases, you’ll access stored procedures that already exist in a database.

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