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Unlike in the West Valley, the flowering in Tarrazu was in full swing.

As we drove up into the coffee country, the hillsides looked as if they had been sprinkled with powdered sugar, some trees being almost more white flowers than green leaves.

Lowering the car windows immediately filled the car with an overwheming scent of coffee flower, like lilac or jasmine, mixed with the smell of coffee pulp and smoke from wood fired ovens.

The Puente Tarrazu mill is becoming a regular contributor to the Square Mile coffee offer list.

The mill is a partnership between 6 local families, led by Rodolfo Rivera, and this year we picked up a lot from their Finca El Sur for Red Brick, as well as a small lot from Rodolfo’s Finca San Martin 1900.

Puente Tarrzu mill their own coffees as well as neighbouring ones.

Using a small mechanical huller, and with some help from his son Jose Mario, he was mixing leftover dry parchment chips from the procesing of Puente’s white honeys into the sticky clumps of his own honeys, in order to reduce the stickyness of the mass and allow it to pass through the huller more easily.Puente have had their wet mill for 11 years and 3 years ago they built a dry mill as well.Last year they hired a young guy called Alejandro to manage the dry milling side of the operation.Located on the serene Plaza Las Nazarenas, Cusco, Peru. Location Summary ocated at the Plaza Las Nazarenas, La Casona is surrounded by astonishing Andean sceneries and lovely cobblestone streets, where guests discover the city’s majestic past.Next to the Museum of Pre-Columbian art, in a special oasis between San Blas artist district, and Cusco’s vibrant main square.

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The hotel has no reception “per se”, so we were placed in a room filled with antique objects and paintings, and were brought towelettes to freshen up with and muña tea, an alternative to coca tea that helps with altitude sickness. While the hotel staff collected our documents we were told that they would do an early check-in for us, which we appreciated after catching an evening flight from Miami, meaning we were quite tired.

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