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Can I go on this date again by replaying a mission? I went on a date with her but she just told me to drop her off after I "went fast" and that was that.. 2 out of the 18 races will unlock after going on a date with Sandra." That might be my problem. I have 25/28 events done and 15/18 races but the last 3 races are not appearing on the map.I don't think I missed any other calls or anything from her. I have completed all missions and jobs, got all collectables and done all favours, I don't know what else to do to make the races appear on the map.If anyone is wondering how to make up the money fast for buying cars just do this , there is a favor you do that unlocks a guy you can collect cars for when you get this just keep going all his car stealing missions you will be rolling in the money after about 5 cars bringing in 300,000 for most of the cars good luck .Face Missions are referred to as "Favors" in the game.Meeting an attractive, interesting guy, going out with him, liking him, and ending up sleeping with him to only never hear back from him again after that often feels like an utter waste of time.I hear this kind of story over and over – “We went out.He seemed to be really into me, he was all over me, and we spent an incredible night together after which he told me that he really liked me and that he couldn’t wait to see me again, but I haven’t heard from him since. I thought he really liked me as much as I liked him!

The third Jade Statue is on the offshore gambling den; until you are able to unlock and complete Riffraff Disposal (a Face mission), you will not be able to enter the gambling den.It should be noted that once you complete Tiffany's Song and Listening In, you can go around the whole island and retrieve all the Jade Statues -- except for three -- and really give Wei Shen a lethal boost in martial arts. You will not be able to get it except during the main story mission Bad Luck.The second Jade statue is visible in a condo in Central.As cruel and as selfish as it sounds, it’s quite common for guys to look for sex and , and to do and say whatever it takes to find a sex partner and temporarily female companionship just for fun, while looking for a more serious partner, or while taking a break from anything serious altogether.Men are able to enjoy one night stands because every such experience can feel like a James Bond like conquest or a victory.

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