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Read more → A 5-year-old Choice Kid started referring to a woman’s ex-boyfriend as "daddy" even though he had proven to be not good father material and the mother had ended the relationship six months earlier. The girl was saying that she "missed her daddy," even though she’d never referred to him that way before.

Eager to tell the real-life story of a single mother by choice, I interviewed Jennifer, a Boston area real estate professional.

The program provided access to support groups for women during the whole process of trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, and transitioning to motherhood.

Jennifer said, “You realize there are a whole group of different types of families.

So right off the bat, I had a shortened time frame. While I was building my career at Wells Fargo, I was attending to my personal and romantic life for the first time. And then that engagement ended in a burst of flames when I was 38.

I was heartbroken, disappointed, and looking at 40 pretty close up.

It makes you feel like you are not alone.” The Experience – Joys and Strategies Over the more than a decade during which Jennifer has been raising her son, she has delighted in the experience of being a mother.

blogger chose to become a single mom in 2009 with the help of a sperm donor.

One such 39-year-old woman recently posted of her own dilemma. No time will be the perfect time, so you just need to take that leap of faith and do it.Robin Beers is a senior vice president of Wholesale Internet Solutions in the Customer Experience Insights group at Wells Fargo.She is also a single mom by choice to her now six-year old little boy, Dexter.“My friend announced she was pregnant with artificial insemination. We were the same age and from the same family background. I related to her socially and economically.” Jennifer began attending a program at one of the major Boston hospitals which provided information, assessment, and support for women considering parenting solo by choice.She found a key part of the process was meeting with a psychologist on the hospital’s staff who assessed if a woman was in the “right state of mind” for making this life-changing decision.

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Her doctor, with whom she had a strong, long-term professional relationship, was direct telling her, “You have a window of time.

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