Ps3 stuck on updating

Posted by / 10-Feb-2017 13:04

you will have to download your dlc again [email protected] Wudi: the screen is before he even gets to the menus. First failed attempt to fix: uninstalled game data utility, restart ps3, reload bf3, update to new patch, get online pass updated, reinstalled CC, and Bt K map packs. Edit Update Got the indefinate load screen fixed after 3x delete of game data, 3x reinstall, 3x update on patch, 3x download of all map packs.Posted by 2K Elizabeth [A] Forums [CF] Civ Forums [2K] 2K Forums 2K Forums are the official Civilization Revolution forums.Unofficial forums are provided courtesy of and Civ Hey mines not freezing since the new ps3 patch 4.11. And @ thewudi I can't find the c4 on the recon class loadout could you please let dice know they should put c4 back on recon class thanks. Hoped on, and nothing, just the big FU black loading screen again. Third Attempt: Blue Ray DVD lense cleaner, took a few minutes. Now the big FU no gun spawn issue after every death. If Dice/EA does not get a fix soon on their pile of bs, they will loose a valued customer.I have been writing for 3months now and haven't heard back even 1 time. Why do you even bother pretending Dice are programmers?! I never should have watched the Scorpian King 3, I'm paying for it now. Thankfully, today a new patch has dropped that not only addresses many fan concerns but fixes them.

Add game commentary while you record or stream your videos.Or make a high definition movie of your game play to share with your friends or use it to discuss tactics with your clan members! Point a webcam of yourself to add a video of you playing your favourite game.The Facecam window can be any size and positioned anyplace in your video.Nimer when was the last time you actually sync'd your trophies on your system lol. Second Attempt: I"m not going to install Bt K or CC until I know it works. otherwise go into your "GAME DATA UTILITY" section and delete the battlefield 3 file. after that just pop in the disc and let it reupdate. I checked to see if there werre any system updates.

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