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Probonodating com

In addition to the trainings, we established a Mentor/Mentee program, paring inexperienced attorneys with experienced matrimonial attorneys.

Private attorneys are utilized only on a case, including all client interviews, court appearances, and settlement negotiations. Why should Long Island law firms and companies encourage their in-house counsel to volunteer for the Project?

By taking away their choice for just one day they highlighted the reality that thousands of girls face every day.

5 events, 217 unique participation, 15 CSOs featured, 412 Pro Bono hours volunteered...satisfaction from participants...

Training and Mentoring: Attorneys get the benefit of mentoring from an experienced attorney, comprehensive substantive training and skills-training in such areas as negotiation, argument, and drafting, which are valuable to any legal practice.

Relevant Skills: At the same time, your attorneys will learn valuable, transferable skills that are directly applicable to their practice areas: Research; Interpretation of statues and text, Designing and drafting legal documents, Writing with clarity and precision, Problem analysis, Investigation, Interviewing, Planning Recognizing, and handling professional and ethical issues, Client relations, Client counseling, Case management, Time management; Diagnosing client problems; General advocacy; Negotiation, and Trial advocacy.

New York State Department of Civil Service, establishing respect under New York law for the validity of out-of-state marriages of same-sex couples.

South African financial planning professionals have a long history of providing pro bono services, dating back to the founding of the Institute of Life and Pension Advisors (ILPA).

On September 28th, schools across Turkey opened their doors for the start of the academic year.

But nearly 450,000 school-aged Syrian children did not step into a classroom that day.

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We won a trial court order striking down marriage discrimination in New York, and, while that decision was overturned, the case sparked intense debate and led to the first passage of a marriage equality bill by the New York State Assembly in 2007 and enactment of marriage equality in the state in 2011.