Picts dating strathclyde

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Picts dating strathclyde

The event is the 30th anniversary of SWACS, the group behind the campaign to preserve the famous caves on the shoreline at East Wemyss.Many of you will know that the walls of these caves are inscribed with Pictish carvings, one of which shows a boat propelled by oars. There is a curious misconception among some, that Scotland is entirely a Celtic nation. F Skene in his work Celtic Scotland, published in the 19th century, the opposite was the case.

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If you haven’t already visited the Wemyss Caves it’s not too late to have a guided tour.

Since then, oddly, the history of Scotland has become, to some, the history of the Highlanders.

Neither view is correct as it lacks historic balance.

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With considerable regret I’ve had to turn down an invitation to speak about the Picts at an important event happening in Fife next month.

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