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When professional development providers deliver PDs by lecturing, for example, the delivery method itself works against the very principles of how adults learn.One of the foremost thinkers on adult learning was Dr.Sure, there’s the popular #edchat and #edtech hashtags most of us follow.But what about the more focused tags that you’re missing out on?Are you looking to figure out exactly which Twitter hashtag is the right one to follow?There’s no shortage of options and it can feel overwhelming.Malcolm Knowles who developed the theory of andragogy to explain how adults learn differently from children.

A few days later, he drove an hour to the girl's home and knocked on the door.Follow the hashtag and chat once a month, first Wednesday of the month at 8pm CST, about “genius” learning.Students are given a time period where they can choose what they want to learn–being productive and creative as they learn what they love. The lack of neutralising antibodies against the CHAT strain in persons vaccinated with OPV might be associated with an increased risk of reinfection with the CHAT polio virus type 1, and this implies a putative risk of transmission of the virus to polio-free communities.We strongly suggest that laboratory workers who were immunised with OPV receive a booster vaccination with IPV before handling CHAT in the laboratory.

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When it opened, he found himself face-to-face with two large men – one wielding a baseball bat and the other, a video camera.