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It is relevant for each of the watches we look at and should be read in conjunction with the detailed reference pages.Most sellers will have opened the watch and photographed the inside, but if you buy it you need to check.If it is tight I use a razor knife and use the blade to get between the cover and the movement.Insert the blade near the crown to avoid accidentally lifting the movement, Removing the dust cover, (I use a razor blade knife, not shown) reveals the movement. On this example the case back has handwritten watchmakers service marks.The caliber number is stamped on the watch movement.The model name is not used to order Movement parts or Case parts,please keep the name to yourself, since everything is done by numbers only. 488 (very old three digits) 1488 (quite a few four digits) 15251 (some with 5 digits) 166.012 (if 6 digits always 3 then a point followed by 3 more digits) 172.0214 (if 7 digits always 3 then a point followed by 4 more digits) Data for case numbers goes back as far as 1946 and case numbers are still used in model present day Omega watches.That means finding the Reference Number in the case-back, and the Serial number in the movement.

Omega Watch Movement Parts Are Ordered By Caliber Number.You can also skip this story and select 'Dealers' from the main-menu and find out yourself, but I advice you to read this text first.Once you found the watch you wanted or the watch with the right price/value rating, you have to do some research on prices.We need to open the watch and establish: So the watch needs to be opened, using the proper tool. This can slip, and the pegs are round not square – but it is still much safer than the two prong items that I will never use. Do not use anything else, like pliers or scissors or even a two pronged opener. Even then, if it has not been opened for a long time then a professional bench tool will be needed.Since this site was first written, Mr Pahawi has come up with this most excellent tool, that you can order by contacting him direct. Again be patient if it does not open – take it to a watchmaker if it is too stiff. Sometimes this falls off, or can be lifted off with Blu-tac.

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If you get at least 15-20% off the price, you can call yourself lucky.