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At least she didn’t name him Primary Character Trait.

Everyone in the audience who has already seen the many versions of this movie that didn’t feature an asteroid will know what Dodge needs to restart his battery: either an Attractive Divorcée (with a Smart Alec 10-Year-Old Who Provides Useful Third-Act Plot Complications) or a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Theatre Ventures, Castle Rock Entertainment and Raymond Wu announced Metcalf's casting in the William Goldman-penned play Tuesday. The movie was written by Goldman and directed by Rob Reiner.

That hot dad I accidentally flipped my hair into on the Q train three years ago 463.

That guy in corduroys from the Destiny’s Child song “Apple Pie a La Mode” 588.

Here are 917 people who are hotter than Benedict Cumberbatch.1.

This lady who got knocked over by the wind recently 11.

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She is best known for her wild teenage years in the White House and proclivity to wind up on TMZ.

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