New business partners dating directory site

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New business partners dating directory site

Their understanding and support of the downtown hospitality sector has played a vital role in connecting PDX Jazz to this facet of the Portland business community.” – Don Lucoff, Portland Jazz Festival “I’ve worked in the Portland hospitality industry for 18 years, and Travel Portland has been an integral partner in my success.

I’ve had several different jobs within the industry and all of them have benefitted from the outreach and support of the Travel Portland family. Elephants Catering & Events has seen tremendous growth over the last six years, and we can directly attribute that success to our partnership with Travel Portland.

Travel Portland has showcased and presented our business visitors and locals alike.

Tourism gives all of us in the service industry an opportunity to shine; we want people from all over the world talking about how awesome we are. ” – Donna Deering, vice president, Elephants Catering & Events “As an Oregon company with roots in the Portland area dating back to 1936, Danner is proud to partner with Travel Portland and share the many wonders of our region with those who come to visit for business or for fun.” – Laurie Thomas, director of marketing, Danner Boots “Joining Travel Portland has probably been the single most important decision I’ve made as a small business owner.

“From rallying its extensive network of partner organizations within the tourism and business community to overseeing a media strategy that has helped place Portland firmly on the map, Travel Portland …

As a partner you’re vetted according to what you do best, helping to create better client matches.

This helps ensure the best possible match of customer need to your capabilities, so you can deliver the best possible results.

For more details on each specialty and their associated criteria, visit the specialty criteria page.

Even the boomers are getting in on the action, with online dating user share doubling from 6% in 2013 to 12% today.

The stigma of meeting your soulmate through a website is dwindling by the day, experts say, especially for millennials and Generation Z.

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