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A love-themed breakfast of fresh products and hot or cold drinks can be served in rooms or at the dining room buffet. Public parking is available 100 yards from the hotel and Anvers Metro Station is 600 yards away.

Held up for UK release for over four years, this heavily-touted tale of Charlotte Rampling humping a chimpanzee turns out to be no more than a feature-length tease. Oshima fumbles around with the basic plot involving British diplomat Higgins' bizarre reaction to the news that his wife (Rampling) is getting it on with a primate — being a true patriot he prefers that idea to her going horizontal with Johnny Frenchman — and the whole thing lumbers along like a dead-weight farce as poor Higgins tries des­perately to find out what exactly goes on in bed between Rampling and the man-in-a-monkey-suit.

Non seulement ça m’a permis de faire de la place dans mon cellulaire, mais ça m’a aussi permis de faire de la place dans ma vie personnelle. Il est où le gars vraiment mignon que tu vas croiser à la bibliothèque et avec qui tu vas t’obstiner parce que vous voulez tous les deux le même bouquin?

Je crois pas que ce soit un secret pour personne : le , parce qu’on se soucie beaucoup trop de l’opinion des autres, parce qu’on croit dur comme fer que de se faire « aimer » sur Tinder, c’est ça le romantisme. Elle est où la fille adorable que tu croises tous les samedis à l’épicerie?

Source Croyez-le ou non, ce petit message-là m’a encouragé à refaire ce petit geste que je fais un peu machinalement de temps à autres : supprimer les applications de .

Par ça, j’entends les deux classiques : Tinder et Grindr.

After distraught glances are exchanged, Herrmann hops up and does a little jig. The Chief introduces Nicki Kahler, who'll be helping with the payroll.The team rescue two teens trapped in a car and Casey and Hallie have more problems in their shaky relationship. Kelly tells her he's been meaning to come by, but Heather stops him, fire in her eyes.Grabbing a cup of coffee, Severide runs into Heather and the kids at the local cafe. She claims Andy would have never even been a firefighter had he not known Severide.Eyes widen as she steps in; she's stunning, all long limbs and mysterious smiles.The daughter of an old friend, the Chief expects everyone to treat her like she's their sister, but some tension is already felt between her and Severide.

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The staff go out of their way to attend to you, the service is most excellent and while this is definitely a "love themed" hotel it was just the right level of cheesiness to be fun. Perfect place for a romantic Paris movie-like experience.

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