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Wearing a bright white thong-style one-piece bathing suit, snorkel and flippers, Cavalli is lowered into the water in a shark-proof cage.While treading water, the erotic performer attracts the interest of one of the sharks.Stewart could not be immediately reached for comment, but the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office doesn't believe that accused killer William A.Charleston police are asking the public for information about a human foot found inside of a shoe, pictured here, at the Charleston City Marina on Monday, May 1, 2017.A missing foot was also found by Stewart's dog on Thursday. MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, Alabama - Twice within one week, local radio man Clark Stewart's dog retrieved a human remain from the nearby Magnolia River.This time, the mystery behind the grisly discovery is no longer.

My knee and lower back began aching on the same side, too, and I developed a limp. I’d wake up in the middle of the night feeling as though I was being electrocuted, my toes rigid and pain shooting through my calves.

I had also splashed out on tickets for a series of concerts and festivals.

In previous years, I’d worn my trusty Hunter wellies to rain-sodden music festivals, but I now found myself standing all day in flip flops, instead.

A porn star shooting an underwater ad for a sex cam company was attacked by a shark and badly bitten.

Molly Cavalli dropped down under water into a shark cage wearing a hot white swimsuit and her presence apparently enticed a 10-foot lemon shark. Molly panics when the shark approaches, and next thing you know she's screaming as she clutches her bloody foot.

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When the spasms stopped, I’d need to spend a half an hour walking around in heels to stop them coming back — not what you want to be doing at 4am, three nights a week.