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With the growing use of technology allowing teens to view TV programs not just on an actual TV set, but also from a DVD player, laptop, tablet or cell phone, it's no wonder that negative media influences abound.The American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) Healthy Children website notes that television violence can actually lead to real-world violent acts.when I’m in person with him, like, it’s harder for me to tell him what I’m feeling.So like I’ll think about it when we’re together, and then like afterwards I’ll probably text him like what I was feeling and tell him my problems.”“I think texting kind of makes you feel closer because – boys are more shy. my boyfriend, he doesn’t like to express himself like that.The child development experts at the Healthy Children website suggest that parents speak openly with their children to mitigate the negative effects that the media's glorification of smoking may have.

The media is often a source of anxiety for young teenagers not only because of the confusing and often contradicting messages it sends but also because of how deeply ingrained it has become in every aspect of our lives.Real friends will understand and should not try to put any undue pressure on you.If you are being pressured, it may be time to find some new friends who really allow you to be yourself.A group plan dealing with dating which develops an awareness of media influence and how to set one’s own goals for healthy dating.Youth workers want young people to be aware of media’s influence on dating expectations.

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Sometimes, you may not be ready to start dating, but feel that you have to because everyone else around you is.

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