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ZAMBOANGA CITY -- Wear crash helmet, yes, but show your faces. Antonio Clarito, chief for operations of the city police, has expressed support for Councilor Asbi Eddings proposal banning helmets that reveal only the eyes of the motorist.The proposal banning sports helmet came following the murder of lawyer Segundo Sotto last week in Barangay Sta.Convicted abusers will be made to pay a registration fine.All abusers 18 or older must supply a recent photo as well as any aliases they go by.The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has imposed a regulation mandating motorcycle riders to use crash helmets. Mario Yanga, city police chief, strictly enforced the helmet rule at the beginning of his term. I'll try and take this up with them when I go visit Zambo. In the meantime, for the sake of the motorcycle- riding Chavacano, let's hope the proposal doesn't prosper or the mayor vetoes it.Many have been booked and fined for violating the LTO regulation. And yes, a favor, we can try help improve the image of Mindanao.Maria by two motorcycle-riding gunmen wearing helmets showing only their eyes. Clarito said Eddings proposal is a crime deterrent.He said witnesses to a crime committed by motorcycle-riding gunmen would not have difficulties describing the suspects if Eddings proposal is approved.

She is the same senator who sponsored the Childproof Handgun Law in 2002a law which mandated that once a viable smart gun was on the market, then only smart guns could be sold in the state of New Jersey.The information the on the registry details an abuser’s name, birthday, offense, conviction date and date that their conviction expires.Pet shops and breeders will be able to use this information to better serve their pets and to ensure their safety when moving to new homes.Weinberg has since decided that the mandate in the Childproof Handgun Law was hindering the introduction of a viable smart gun, so now she wants to change the law to simply mandate that each gun store stock and display a smart gun.Missing in all this is the fact that smart guns are still unreliable for self-defense, and many of them are still far from childproof.

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