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In essence, patent trolls use the intellectual property they control as fiscal weapons against inventors, innovators and producers who they deem to be infringing on their rights.Generally, the patents themselves are acquired en masse, with overly-broad, dormant or non-novel patents purchased from small-time inventors, down on their luck companies or as excess collateral following mergers and acquisitions, with zero intent of utilising the intellectual property for any purpose other than in court.But it is just one of thousands of current examples of alleged technological patent infringement in the US.Many believe the legal ramifications will suffocate innovation worldwide.If you want to start a business in commercial activities, you must register the business in the “business register” in one month.Your business or self (if the business is your name) must register under the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce Skilled craft trades: This includes numerous trade and crafts in food, fashion, health and hygiene, mechanics, construction, communication, multimedia, performing arts, arts and miscellaneous.If you are an expat living in Luxembourg and are ready to start a small business, the process is fairly simple.

But a rise in abusive, oftentimes frivolous, litigation is prompting a rethink of patent law – with the United States front and centre as potential reform looms.

Four tires are introduced in an unprecedented launch: the Aquatred, Invicta GFE, Wrangler GSA, and Eagle GSC.

The new, highly innovative Aquatred tire garners praise and acceptance from the media and consumers alike.

0 comments In Luxembourg, self-starting business are set up in three categories: commercial activities, skilled craft trades and specific professions.

These require a business permit, and to obtain one there is a fair amount of paperwork and a few costs involved.

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That concept evolved over centuries, as the relative protections afforded by intellectual property legislation developed into what we now know as modern patent law.

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