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It was used for over 300 years, with the oldest tombstone (belonging to Avigdor Karo) dating from 1439.This cemetery was one of the old Jewish cemeteries to have survived the Second World War, as orders from the Nazi regime were given to spare it so that a museum could be erected at the end of the war.A ribbon-cutting ceremony that opened the Beijing Fair was graced by (from left), the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Philippines’ Counselor Jin Yuan, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Vice Chairman Yu Debin, and Department of Tourism (DOT) Assistant Secretary Reynaldo Ching.The fair seeks to promote strong tourism for the Chinese capital.She doesn’t like the spotlight and she loves true friends.She has featured in several videos and magazine shoots.Over the last months, the event had visited cities of Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, and Philippines.The free admission event was aimed to bring the whole Beijing experience to the Filipino people through music, dance, martial arts, calligraphy and exhibits, among others.

We decided to share just old unseen pictures of her because we are very sure you are up to date with her recent adorable pictures and videos on her ultra-traffic Instagram page @kirachaana. Karo could be misunderstood as a snub, a fly wild one because of her too much beauty and admiration but really she is a very shy girl and likes to keep to herself.

She is currently trying out modelling because of the pressure by fans and potential clients.

Kirachaana is her special alter-ego and she is gradually bringing out the star in her.

Even though the cemetery is not large, over 100,000 people are buried here in an area only suitable for 12,000.

At the time, it was against the law for Jews to bury their dead outside of the ghetto limits, so graves ended up being built on top of each other in layers to make room for the next generation.

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Kirachaana can sing, I mean really really sing and rap.