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Maybe I’m attracted to strong men with stronger opinions. That night, I did not hide my political leanings from Nick. Not long ago, I posted an Obama Facebook picture, and he immediately responded with a post from the RNC.“I’m a liberal, Prius-driving vegetarian who voted for Obama. This escalated into a spat that fortunately ended in a truce: No more posting about politics online.“I’m just not gonna be down with that.”As for an ideal mate, both sides gave their criteria.“My ideal mate should have 3 guns,” one of the Republicans said.“Doesn’t complain about the minimum wage.”“He’d have like, more than one black friend, hopefully,” a Democrat said.Interviewing a group of committed Republicans in one room and Democrats in the other, Williams asked each the downside they could imagine from dating across party lines.

I met the guy I’ll call Nick at a New Year’s party last year.

Could I really date someone who was a conservative?

Politics has always been an important part of my life.

She could be a Democrat and you could very well not agree on the “correct approach” to everything. What I find interesting is often the lack of willingness in our society to discuss our differences in beliefs.

I love talking with people who don’t think exactly like me because the world would be a truly boring place if everyone was a Sami copy.

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As I know it’s not polite to discuss those kinds of topics on a date, it was never something that was brought up. Back when I was in college I was even a member of the College Democrats. Dear Ideologically Concerned, Oh no, a Republican?! I don’t know how entirely qualified that makes me when it comes to political matters of the heart, but if it’s enough for you then let’s continue!

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