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On Sundays and Tuesdays, respectively, I sit down with the cheapest glass of wine available and watch . I think I would be very good at this job, wherein men are seldomly seen, vacations are often, manicures are often, and personal ventures are celebrated with parties and signature cocktails. If he’s into that sort of heteronormative thing, dinner will be my one feminist concession. I would love to not care about money, but here I am, in #Struggle City, isn’t that cute? In a recent article for Salon, “‘Sponsored’ by my Husband,” writer Ann Bauer talks about how her husband’s cushy salary is the only thing allowing her to be a full-time artist.These are television shows about women whose jobs either consist of or allow for lunching and private yoga lessons. I watch these shows while I simultaneously write, edit work for literary magazines, edit my own work, plan course syllabi, grade student work, apply for grants and residencies, submit work for publication, do interviews, plan readings, book readings, and send apologetic overdue emails to editors. I pine to fill my days like a housewife with what I instead necessarily aim to anxiously accomplish in the two hours between dinner and bed. I am looking for a rich husband and here is the plan: I’ll do my thing all day, sip wine, cook elaborate meals, and sometimes talk to him when he gets home. Because women are paid 78% what men make, and even less than that for women of color (and for women poets of color… “I completed my third novel in eight months flat,” she says, and I’m like, sign me up.

My only intention is to make some things clear and I don’t have the ability or filter to make sure that my words are all written in flowery ways to sound like a tampon commercial.We don’t talk about money enough and I’ll start: I’m broke. Because I have anxiety about being broke and not doing anything about it, I am medium-to-low good at taking care of myself.Currently I have 22 voicemails about student loans and I have no plans to return the calls. I don’t want to be one of those women who’s bad with money.I have too many jobs to have a job, and the problem is these jobs don’t pay. well, take a guess), maybe this way, I can finally be comfortable. As a feminist who in all ways and all relationships works to buck traditional, heteronormative expectations of what a woman should and should not be, I wonder, of course, how I can do two things at once: live the housewife dream as well as the dream of being a formidable feminist Boss.A contributor’s cut here and there won’t lift me from the debt incurred by my fancy MFA degree. Does one undercut the other or allow for it, or both, or do and should either exist?

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