Helmet dating

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Helmet dating

But the danger, although it cannot be avoided, can be minimised.Our Army has now followed the French by adopting steel helmets, calculated to stop shell-splinters and shrapnel.In modified form it became the Helmet, steel, Mark I in Britain and the M1917 Helmet in the U. Colloquially, it was called the shrapnel helmet, Tommy helmet, tin hat, and in the United States the doughboy helmet.Worn by Australians during WW2 and sometimes known as Panic Hat.If this number is between then we have a WW2 era shell.This is true for Mc Cord Radiator manufactured shells, however all Schlueter shells have been produced during WW2.4) and last, also the color, the texturization and the shape of the shell indicate its age.In both cases the straps are stitched to the loops.The use of clasps is postwar.2) all shells with the rim that has the seam in front have been produced during WW2, from April 1941 to November 1944, either fixed or swivel bails.

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It comes from Peretu area, in the Teleorman County, Romania. The helmet is similar to the Helmet of Coţofeneşti and other three Getian gold or silver helmets discovered so far.

The Brodie helmet is a steel combat helmet designed and patented in London in 1915 by John Leopold Brodie.

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SS devices are on their own pages for sidehat insignia and visor cap insignia.

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