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It's called the romance scam, and in the case of Lynda Mc Lean Simmons, she was convinced she was going to marry a wealthy businessman named Henry Rosenthal Steinway Junior."I was like the fish caught on the hook and I guess they call it baiting," she said. "I had a letter almost every morning, and they were so beautiful to read.“Most times people see the hijab and don’t want anything to do with me.They just don’t find it attractive,” she says, adding that the Islamophobia and racism she encounters in the dating world isn’t limited to online interactions.(CBC) Angela Mac Ivor is CBC Nova Scotia's investigative reporter.She has been with CBC for 10 years, as a reporter and producer in all three Maritime provinces. Send an email to [email protected] Nova Scotia woman is one of the latest victims to fall for an elaborate online scam that targets the heartstrings of Canadians looking for love."I sent him a message, told him I liked his profile and I told him I was older than him, so I said 'maybe you don't want to contact me' and he wrote back in a couple of days," said Mc Lean Simmons. Soon after, the requests for money starting rolling in.Mc Lean Simmons said there was a series of elaborate excuses that convinced her to wire a total of ,000, in three separate payments, to her suitor.

He’s part of a minority in a minority, living in a town that can be ignorant and sometimes even hateful of both. “Being black and gay is like some fetish or kink to some white men,” says Ferguson.Hailey Thomas, 19, has had similar experiences to Ferguson. “If you’re going to make a racial comment out of ignorance and then continue to spew out similar garbage after I’ve corrected or informed you,” she says, “things just aren’t going to work out.” Both Ferguson and Thomas say the lack of media representations of queer people of colour play a key role in the way they’re treated while dating.She has Mi’kmaq, African-Canadian and French heritage, and says sometimes that’s the reason other women approach her. “When you put out one set of an image, that’s what you get back in return,” says Ferguson.Dartmouth has been nicknamed the City of Lakes, after the large number of lakes located within its boundaries.On April 1, 1996, the provincial government amalgamated all the municipalities within the boundaries of Halifax County into a single-tier regional government named the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

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“I’ve had people contact me saying, ‘I want a black slave.’ I’ve had people address me as ‘Hey nigger,’ and other derogatory things.” Ferguson’s experiences aren’t unique.