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Galaxy angel dating

Passionate and temperamental to a fault, she is the resident martial arts expert, divination enthusiast, and a yearning romantic.

Ranpha wears a distinct, bright-red Chinese dress that shows off her lithe figure while revealing a small portion of her cleavage, legs, and navel.

Your ship has crashed and you are rescued onto a ship full of girls!

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Ranpha styles her long, blonde hair straight and wears two hairpin like accessories.

In the time-skip between EL and GAII, Ranpha wears a more formal dress that retains the Chinese motif while still showing off her chest and legs.

It was created in July 2000, when Broccoli launched the multi-platformed project called Project G. The anime and Galaxy Angel Party manga comprise a comedy story in an alternate universe, while the games and the regular manga have a serious and involved romance/action plot.

A sequel to the game trilogy was released in June 2006, entitled Galaxy Angel II: Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira, and stars an entirely new cast, the "Rune Angel Troupe", and a new feature that combines the new Brave Heart frame with any of the Angels.

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