Fuck women without credit card

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Fuck women without credit card

Of course, mind-boggling pleasure isn't everything in life.

In this universe which God created to satisfy his all-consuming inferiority complex, many of us struggle to find meaning for our lives. For this reason, getting laid involves becoming a master of deceit and manipulation. You must show that you would do anything for a woman; compliment her continously, avoid having opinions unless they are the same as hers, let her make all the decisions, buy her gifts (hint: it's not the thought that counts! This shows that you are not at all interested in sex, and makes you look like good "relationship" material.

Simply walk up to a man, present your mammary glands, and he will be on you like an Ethiopian child on a bagel (provided you are not unattractive, being attractive is not a requirement, you must simply not be so gruesome as to cause men to consider NOT fucking you).

Then again, you aren't interested in sex anyway, so what's the point of this section? Use of hunting dogs to sniff one out may be necessary.

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