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Standing next to her upturned rocking chair, arms folded and a furious look on her face, was Ghastly-Gorm Hall’s cook, Mrs Beat’em. Ada noticed that he was holding a flour sack behind his back. Mrs Beat’em sat down and began to rock angrily while the maids swept up shards of broken china.“His Lordship doesn’t have to explain his plans to you,” he muttered drily, “but he does expect you to give free run of the kitchens to the famous cooks who have been invited to compete in the bake off.” “They’ll be arriving today! Ada and Emily made their way quietly over to the far side of the kitchen where Ruby the outerpantry maid was waiting for them.

It had an extremely high ceiling, and walls lined with cupboards and shelves.

Not a stranger to going to any and all lengths to achieve his desired ends—even to the point of shamelessly harming others—Stan is characterized as very dog-eat-dog.

Aside from his thoughtlessly drastic and endangering behaviors, he has an endearing and sensitive side as well.

Ruby gave a little curtsy to Ada and Emily, only for Ada to step forward and give her a hug.

Ruby blushed and sat on a high stool that stood at a desk in one corner. ” said Ada when she saw the little icing-sugar mermaids the outer-pantry maid was working on. “They’re for Mrs Beat’em’s floating islands,” she said modestly. ” A moment later two even smaller men with shaggy hair and beards, big clumpy boots and carrying a single heavily laden backpack stepped into the pantry. ” exclaimed William Flake, shaking them both by the hand. You know I still dream of your Windermere sponge fingers! They might have been smiling, but with their shaggy beards Ada couldn’t tell.

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Whoever you are, whatever you're weight, if you're considered fat, lazy or overweight (even better if it's all three of these things!

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