Eye color dating

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Certain colors can take your blue eyes from merely "pretty" to "irresistible." You can find the best shadow colors for your eye color at all price points, from drugstore brands to department store brands, though some of the shades that look best with baby blues may sound like something you'd never wear at first.

Swipe them on, though, and watch how they almost magically enhance the depth or brightness of your eye color.

The main reason for difference in the eye colors of individuals is the melanin content within the iris stroma. The eye color that can be described as the most common amongst human beings is brown, with the exception of countries around the Baltic Sea.

It is the result of the presence of large amounts of melanin (eumelanin) within the iris stroma.

People who have very dark brown irises might give the appearance of having black eyes. Hazel eyes are the result of a combination of a Rayleigh scattering and a modest amount of melanin in the front border layer of the iris.

Hazel eye color has also been defined as the medium-color between light brown and dark green.

Hazel is common amongst people in America and Europe, while rare in African, Middle Eastern and Asian people.

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In Western society, it is seen as a feminine cosmetic, even when used by men.