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Evan katz dating

""The only risk is the one not taken.""The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."To find out why men disappear from your life, click here Billed as a “personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women,” dating coach Evan Marc Katz has been helping singles find love since 2003.

Scores of his clients have gotten married, started families, and found happiness – after only a few months of phone coaching.

I’d like to introduce to you the work of my friend and colleague Evan Marc Katz.

By helping women understand men – what they think, how they act, and what they really want – he empowers them to make healthy, informed choices in love.The entire time I was dating my wife, I wasn’t sure whether I was making the right decision. But as you know, there have been a number of times in your past when you thought you met the “right” man…and yet he turned out, like all the others, to be WRONG. As a dating coach, I’m constantly working with you to refine your choices – to ensure that you don’t waste time on the wrong men, and learn to invest in the good ones. She’s questioning the meaning of her entire relationship.She’s questioning how she’s ever going to find love again in the future. Strip away your looks, your home, your career, your money and you’d be left with everything that’s on the INSIDE. I’ve already acknowledged that I’ve dated younger women, smarter women, more successful women, and so on… I’m telling you, if I were hit by a bus tomorrow, she’d push me around in a wheelchair for the next 40 years. There are no shortage of impressive men out there who make you tingle every time you think of them – but they’re WORTHLESS if they don’t put YOU first.It’s a perfect marriage of technology and opportunity.There are about 100 million singles in the United States, and everyone has a personal computer and a phone, which allows us to connect immediately with people we’d never meet in the course of our day-to-day life.

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Think about a woman in her 40s that wants to date and lives in a suburb with kids, has a full-time job and whose friends are all married; it can be hard for someone like that to meet men.