Email not validating on blackberry

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Email not validating on blackberry

After entering your email address and password into EAVT, this tool will try and discover if the target domain (AKA your email account) has any mail and/or PIM (personal information manager) delivery capabilities based on industry standards, including Active Sync, IMAP, POP, SMTP, Card DAV and Cal DAV.

Black Berry 10 See How to use the Email Account Validation Tool.For example, I used one of my test email accounts and was able to identify that I can set up the following services on my Black Berry 10 smartphone: After validating your server details, the next step is setting up the account on your smartphone using server details identified by EAVT.Tip: To learn more about protocols and ports supported by EAVT, please review KB33444 in the Black Berry Knowledge Base If attempts to add an account automatically to a Black Berry 10 smartphone fail, use the EAVT tool to validate and identify your server details followed by adding the account to your smartphone using the Advanced Setup option.One big issue with Android email setup is when Android doesn't trust the certificate being issued by the email server.Here's a related question from Tech Republic reader Chris Hodge.

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