Drake and dollicia bryan dating

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Do you think Drake and Dollicia make a cute couple?

Dollicia has previously dating Hill Harper and Rob Kardashian.

Then when they date "model citizens" then the girls are too plain to be with a rapper/athlete and obiviously there for fame. Even when they don't agree with someone they're never abrasive, rude or vulgar. Ok, so you're saying an uneducated, plastic looking, passed around video model isn't a whore? There is no way you could sit here and say what she's doing is right. If these rappers, actors, etc..wants them a pretty chick thats all let these pretty chicks do they thing.

You do understand that what you said didn't make sense? I KNOW DOLLICIA AND HER SISTER PRECIOUS (YES HER NAME IS PRECIOUS).... If you happy with your life you want care about Drake and his model gf, now will you? Drake is a male whore, why get made at him for dating a female one? Drake grew up in a rich neighborhood but pretends to be hood and wants to be down so badly. I've always thought Hill was gay and this just confirms it. ..you know her cooch is like are a revolving door ...

We are watching keenly to see how Drake will top this one because Tyga just got a handful of one of Drake’s ex-girlfriend Dollicia Bryan.

SEE ALSO: Chris Brown Approves Of Drake And Tyga Beef The story gets even more interesting because Tyga is shooting a music video for his single “Make It Work” and Dollicia is the leading lady in the video.

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