Double your dating chances

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Worse: these behaviors are often just “flirting”, meaning they can be easily faked by a woman who likes to “play games”, or even one who’s actually very nice and just wants to be polite.

Getting Your Foot in The Door Gueguen and associates tested whether the FITD effect would work on requests for a date (Gueguen, Marchand, Pascual, & Lourel, 2008).

Then (and only then) here’s what to watch for to determine if she’s behaving in a genuinely “friendly”, receptive way towards you: 1) Does she “take initiative” in the conversation? If she’s constantly looking around the room or fiddling with her phone, it’s probably time to politely say goodnight.

Also known as helping to keep the conversation going…versus letting you to do all the heavy lifting? ALWAYS a sure sign that she’s either “bored” with you, or too self-absorbed to be “girlfriend” material. Above all: 4) Does she try to “dig deeper” during the conversation? The key is to avoid coming across as needy, overeager, or desperate while always keeping things moving smoothly and naturally toward the next step — and, like I always say, the very best way to accomplish this is by using humor with just the right amount of CONFIDENCE mixed in.

Previously, I discussed the benefits (and increased success) to be found by asking someone you like out for a date directly (see here and here).

For those who remained shy or anxious, I also explained how to ask someone out in a more indirect way (here).

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