Dns updating 1and1

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Pinging the SOA using 'nslookup' gives me a timeout.

Very strange, I have used the SOA record from the information gathered using the site 'into DNS' EDIT: I would also like to note that the SOA that 'into DNS' gives me for my clients domain is different from the one that is in the records (for ns1) from the client provided screenshot.

You will need to have a Droplet deployed that you want to bind your domain to.

If you haven't done this yet, you can follow this guide: How To Create Your First Digital Ocean Droplet Virtual Server You will also need to have purchased a domain with one of the many domain registrars available. Select the domain name that you want to use with your Droplet.

Enter your Username and Password in the boxes, and then click the Login button. Click on the Manage Domains link on the left hand side. Now go to the box called Basic DNS Settings, and select My Name Server.

This will open the Advanced DNS Settings box, and you can now enter the new DNS settings in the boxes.

The domain registrar is Heart Internet and the client has provided me with an actual screenshot of the page showing that the (*, @, www) A records have indeed been pointed to my new server but I am seeing no change in any DNS records using various tools such as whatsmydns.After registering your domain, decide if you want to use a particular subdomain for your blog. First, you'll need a corresponding CNAME record for the blog address you selected that's associated with ghs.For example, if you selected blog.mydomain.com, you will associate your blog with ghs. When you try to register your domain in Blogger, the system should fail and display two security tokens.The old and new servers are both running Ubuntu 12.The old server is running using Nginx while the new one is running using Apache2.

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Each hosting service has a slightly different way to create CNAME records.

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