Dead end dating book series

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These “vampires” are only allowed to turn one mate. That someone may take decades, and even centuries to show up. Shifters, or vamps, they all work together to protect Roman Draganesti’s empire, a genius vampire who has come up with all sorts of ways to keep vamps happy without having to feed directly from humans (which makes them a little too primal Ha! Anyway, more of my favorite moments (in the closet “vampires” that fall for unsuspecting humans – always ALWAYS fun! A world where a large society of “good” vampires exist, and half human/half vampires are trained to protect and guard them. Lots of action but even better, some very thought provoking romantic angst.Luckily, they don’t have to guess or hope they made the right choice, since they “know” who that mate is when they meet them. Non-stop enemy attacks from “true/turned” vampires who want to take over, and one of the most intriguing aspects of the series – an illicit romance that both blooms and spirals onto risky terrain. And how does she handle her heart (and body) that seems to want it all.Everyone loved Nalini Singh either love her Psy-Changeling or Archangels series, Shelly Laurenston was another big hit and Ilona Andrews is loved throughout the family. I only have Thea Harrison, Meljean Brook, Zoe Archer and Tessa Dare left to throw at them.My aunt just finished the Nalini Singhs and my cousin is all up to date and I've manged to hold her off with Meljean Brook. So I was wondering if you could give recommendations along certain lines. She's not really into romance but she does love the Shelly Laurenston series and Ilona Andrews (she hit me on the head with a book after I told her the series wasn't done yet and she had to wait for the next one). My family loves strong heroines, humor, and good sex in our books.

So, I “tied” many at the same number, and even still, I second guess my placement of them. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series One of the first series I obsessed over, and each and EVERY brother made me swoon. 3.) Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters I *crushed* over and over again.6.) Jill Myles’s Succubus Diaries Jackie, a normal human female, suddenly turned into a gorgeous succubus is struggling. Does she want Noah – a gorgeous fallen angel with a heart of gold or his bad-boy counterpart, Zane, another fallen angel now turned vampire who made a deal with devil just to get his wings back.I received this email from Ilona, who comes from what may be the coolest family I've read about, and I totally want to listen to all of them talk books someday.Whatever your pleasure, hopefully you'll be able to find a few great new books to read after you've finished Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books!In my 20s, I’d spent most of my vacations visiting family and going to other people’s weddings.

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My family is pretty awesome – we're a matriarchal family (the females outnumber the men so we tend to have control) so there's a lot of conversations about lingerie, chocolate and books, and the men of the family seem really quite okay with this..

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