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[All photos from Unsplash] This is a serial telling of my falling-in-love story. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of “Doubting.” Karen continues: “After the video ended, I asked Jeremy how he was doing.He said, ‘Well, it’s hard to be rejected.’” “That’s so true,” says Kristina.Some folks had requested I gather the comments I made during the movie and put them somewhere so they don’t have to crawl through Disqus to find them.I thought I’d put them here and start a new comment thread while I was at it.But that last scene with John Snow and the wildling girl... Yes, the single crowd should stick to a strict diet of Jane Austen flicks, where champions of chasteness went years before getting their man. Darcy around the next corner, now cancel your HBO immediately.Taking the Advice of Non-Christian Friends Bless them.That was his domain, hey he was in the Coast Guard for 27 years! That line of questioning is an ongoing saga/joke in our family, but ya know what?If we couldn’t get it, we were sent to the poop deck! I’m really happy to have a dad who cares about my life, even when he tries to play matchmaker. The day went on as a usual Sunday but I won’t ever forget the surprise of that day. He knew something I didn’t know way back then: relationships trump ritual every day of the week.

This post is about back when I was in middle school in Stafford, Virginia. ), than going through the motions of being a Christian.

[Read more…]Tagged With: Chick Tracts, Cthulhu, Dark Dungeons, Dungeons & Dragons, Evangelical Christianity, Gaming, I Don't Want to be Elfstar Anymore Oh Wait Actually I Totally Do, Reviews, Roleplaying Games, Satanic Panic, Semi-Drunk Movie Reviews, Tabletop Gaming, THEY'RE JUST TOO POPULARI noticed this movie Christian Mingle: The Movie show up on Netflix the other day and was intrigued–and commenters have mentioned it off and on as particularly cringeworthy. [Read more…]Tagged With: Black Books (TV Show), Christian Mingle, Christian movies, Cinema Sins, Corbin Bernsen, Mexico, Missionaries, Morgan Fucking Fairchild, Online Dating, Reviews, Semi-Drunk Movie Reviews, Short Term Mission Trips I just noticed a movie pop up on my Netflix thing that sounded so ludicrous that I had to run a review on it as soon as I could.

The movie is God’s Club, and if you needed something extra-baffling and extra-ridiculous to enjoy a weekend with, settle back with me and enjoy one of the worst Christian movies to come out lately!

The years we lived there we attended Mount Ararat Baptist Church pastored by Dee Williams.

We were faithful churchgoers on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday nights, too.

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Tagged With: A Matter of Faith (Christian movie), Atheism, Atheism (According to Christians), Christian Media, Christian movies, Evolution, I'm so sick of Crash, Movies, Semi-Drunk Movie Reviews, Young-Earth Creationism I’ve written before about how bad it is in Christian churches for single people seeking marriage.

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