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Dating spode porcelain

After Sèvres was declared the property of the French government in 1798, their workforce was...

Read more Sèvres porcelain began in 1738 when the brother of France's Ministry of Finance acquired a porcelain manufacturing license from King Louis XV.

: Denne side har en ssterside p dansk med porcelnsstemplerne fra Bing & Grndahl - hvor en del af de samme oplysninger findes med dansk tekst. Oversigt med billeder - klik p billedet for at se strre billede.

Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Derbyshire fitted the bill and so became the centres, the former being the biggest.

All our antique Chinese porcelain, Jingdezhen porcelain, Chinese pottery or other Asian art objects and publications will be shipped from our store in Malaysia.

The default shipping method is "Registered Air Parcel" which is managed by Malaysia’s national post office. We are Swedish maritime enthusiasts that spent the past 40 years researching Asia's maritime trade.

You are visiting the only site on the Internet where the researchers responsible for the shipwreck recoveries legally sell their recoveries of antique Chinese porcelain, other blue and white porcelains, Yixing teapots, celadon wares and Chinese pottery from own excavations.

All the work with archaeology and artifact handling is made in collaboration with Malaysia's Department of Museums.

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We can therefore guarantee legally excavated antiques with absolute authenticity.

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