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Dating site rg

Photo: Getty Images Dating would be a lot easier if we all put our cards on the table the first time we met, right? One dating website is taking this idea a step (or perhaps, a few steps) further, and asking those who sign up to give up everything about them. After a revealing study found that 53% of online daters admitted to being dishonest on their online profiles, Singld Out, a dating website that connects people via Linked In decided to team up with a genetic testing company to match couples based on their personality traits (i.e. RG: The idea was to take some of the science of what makes relationships successful and apply that to the dating industry, which so far, has focused on using psychological surveys.

Experts were stymied as to whether there is any truth to this threat, but investigators are taking the claims seriously.

Griffin, who is separated from his wife, is now going public with his new romance with a Florida State track star.

The Browns QB even showed off some new ink on his arm this week that features his new gal pal's name, Grete Sadeiko.

Adult Friend Finder appeals to a range of marital statuses, sexual orientations and bedroom rituals, whose exposure could prove deeply embarrassing.

But those threats are cosmetic compared to the real danger: A successful data heist could furnish hackers with names, birthdays, home IP addresses, VPN keys, and other essential ingredients for identity theft.

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TMZ recently posted pictures of the couple holding hands on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during a recent visit to Los Angeles.

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