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“One of the hard things about being a social scientist is you’re trying to get data, you’re trying to produce data and get really reliable information,” Klinenberg said. But we had this incredible ability to get information that no one’s ever gotten, and that is that, if you’re a random social scientist and ask someone about their dating life, they’re going to be pretty distrustful and a little conservative in their answers. People know Aziz from his stand-up and feel comfortable with him. So, people would actually hand us their cell phones.” The co-authors’ research took them abroad so they could explore how technology is shaping romance throughout the world. “There’s kind of this stereotype there of what’s called a herbivore man, which is basically a guy who’s not as interested …In Japan, for example, studies have found that the country is facing a future population crisis because a significant amount of men and women are uninterested in — or despise — sex. very passive, doesn’t care about sex as much,” Ansari explained.

The increase in STDs mirrors the growing popularity of dating apps among millennials.

Aziz Ansari, the American comedian best known for playing the overconfident slacker Tom Haverford on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, has made being a feminist somewhat of a cornerstone of his post-sitcom career.

“Most people are a feminist and yet don’t want to identify with that word,” he said in an interview with Cosmo earlier this year.

Some experts believe this casual dating and hookup culture has a dark side. Lizellen La Follette says California is seeing an alarming jump in new cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

One main reason is fewer millennials are practicing safe sex.

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Aziz Ansari’s book, Modern Romance (due out in June), will explore how technology — smartphones, texting, social media, online dating, and more — is affecting today’s dating landscape.